PokerGrant Agents

Why it is interesting

PokerGrant Agent – is an interesting job with good prospects.Now, You have an opportunity to earn money through involving partners even without Your own advertising opportunities.

PokerGrant Partner Program is the most flexible and loyal program, thus you may involve:

– topic-based poker sites

– topic-based groups in social networks

– various communities of players and poker-related projects

– any entertainment sites with good website traffic

– your friends who are active poker players (your friends may register their pages in the social networks as partners and may also involve their friends and subscribers)

How to become an Agent

Absolutely any Internet-resource or natural person may become a PokerGrant Agent. To do that, it is necessary to:
1. Register an account in PokerGrant that will be the Agent’s identifier. If You already have an account, You don’t need to create a new one.

2. Sign in to the personal account of the Partner Program using login and password of the current user account of PokerGrant.
3. Read the terms and conditions of the Agency Agreement.

4. Fill in the Agent registration form and send the application.

If You are already a registered partner of PokerGrant, You may also become an Agent and involve other Partners.

Important: If the Agent is the Partner at the same time, the Agent may not receive the Agent Fee for itself.

Partner connection procedure

Prior to the process of connection of the chosen Partner, the Agent shall sign in to its account in the Partner Program and verify the Partner’s availability for connection. To do that, it is necessary to enter URL in the required field in the account and carry out verification. If this Partner is not registered with PokerGrant, the Agent may start the connection process.

а. Agent’s ID

Any Partner may enter the ID of the inviting Agent during registration (name of the Agent’s account in PokerGrant). In this case the Partner will be automatically linked to the Agent.

b. Reference link

Each Agent may use a reference link of the following format:: (AgentName – Agent’s Account in PokerGrant)

When clicking through this link the Partner will be automatically linked to the Agent within 48 hours, and in case of registration of the request for partnership on the website during this period of time, it will be automatically linked to the Agent.

c. Application for connection

The Agent may file an application for connection of a Partner through its account. If the Partner is free at the moment, it will be linked to the Agent for 3 calendar days. The Partner shall register on the website of the Partner Program within these 3 days. Herewith, even if the Partner does not click though the reference link and does not enter the Agent’s ID during registration, the Partner will be securely liked to the Agent in any case. The Agent may file an application for connection of one and the same partner not more than 3 times in total. If the limit for applications has been reached, but the Partner is not connected, the Agent may no longer file an application for connection thereof. In this case the Agent may use its reference link or the Agent’s ID for connection of the Partner.

Important: Partner connection under the application has the lowest priority. If the Partner clicks through the reference link or enters the Agent’s ID, the application from another Agent won’t be successfully fulfilled.

VIP VIP Partners not available for connection by the Agents

VIP Partners participating in the special PokerGrant Partner Program may not be linked to the Agents. The list of such partners is limited, not published and may be changed at any moment. Herewith, when checking the Partner’s availability in the Agent’s account, such Partner will be displayed as unavailable even if the Partner has not started work yet. It means that connection of such Partner is being discussed at the level of the PokerGrant management. However, there may be a situation when the Partner may be excluded from the VIP list at the decision of the management and will available for connection by the Agents. In this case You will receive a notice via e-mail regarding availability of new VIP partners for connection.

Payment for the Agent’s services

The Agent shall receive a monthly Agency fee for connection of Partners according to the Fee Terms