PokerGrant Partners

Why it is interesting

Partnership with PokerGrant is an excellent opportunity to earn more by involving players. PokerGrant Partner Program is flexible and loyal, thus the application for partnership may be sent by:

– topic-based poker site

– topic-based group in social networks

– various communities of players and poker-related projects

– any entertainment sites with good website traffic

Moreover, any person who likes to play poker may register its page in the social networks as a partner, and may receive a personal link for involving its friends and subscribers.

How to become a partner

Absolutely any Internet-resource or natural person may become a PokerGrant Partner. To do that, it is necessary to:

1. Register an account in PokerGrant that will be the Partner’s identifier. If You already have an account, You don’t need to create a new one.

2. Sign in to the personal account of the partner program using login and password of the current user account of PokerGrant.

3. Read the terms and conditions of the Partner Agreement.

4. Fill in the Partner registration form and send the application.

If You are already a registered Agent of PokerGrant, You may also become a Partner and involve other players.

Important: If the Agent is the Partner at the same time, the Agent may not receive the Agent Fee for itself.

Players involvement procedure

Prior to the process of players connection, the Partner shall sign in to its account in the Partner Program and download the reference link and advertising materials in the respective section that the partner may use on its own resource.

а. Partner’s ID

Any player may enter the ID of the inviting Partner during registration (name of the Agent’s account in PokerGrant). In this case the player will be automatically linked to the Partner.

b. Reference link

Each partner may use a reference link of the following format: (PartnerName –Partner’s account in PokerGrant)

When clicking through this link the player will be automatically linked to the Partne within 48 hours in case of registration on the website during this period of time.

Payment for the Partner’s services

The Partner shall receive a monthly fee for involving the players according to the Fee Terms