Terms and Fees

Cooperation with PokerGrant means:

– High rate of remuneration
– PokerGrant offers a unique remuneration accrual system that takes into account the results of partner’s work during the whole period of work
– Immediate connection to the Partner Program
– Quick accrual of fee to the partner’s balance
– Completely transparent reporting system with a great number of parameters
– Individual approach to prospective customers
– VIP terms for major partners

Partners of PokerGrant

PokerGrant offers a unique partner program allowing you to get a percentage depending on the total number of your active players during the reported period.

Number of players who paid rake during the reported period Payment percent of profit

form 0 to 50


form 51 to 100


form 101 to 150




The payment percent does not depend on the number of new attracted players during the reported period.

The remuneration is equal to applicable percent of net profit received from the player exclusive of all expenses. See detailed terms for net profit calculation in the Partner Agreement

During the first year of cooperation the minimum percentage is equal to 15% irrespective of the number of players.

Remuneration payments shall be made not later than the 10th day of each month to the partner’s account at PokerGrant.